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wolcharlize replied to your post:Outlaw Queen fandom needs more stories, more…

So basically oq fandom needs more sq fandom’s members ¬¬

no, it needs more oq members 

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Marion Cotillard - Mark Seliger Photoshoot for Vanity Fair - March 2008

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Not a damsel in distress (a.k.a. Men are so useless in this story) 

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Lucy Liu photographed by Brian Bowen Smith for Gotham magazine, 2007.

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anotherouatwriter replied to your post:Film Lover Challenge a.k.a. Couch Potato Challenge

Sandra Bullock is da bomb!

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mustard-and-pickles whispered: hello!! when you receive this, share five facts about yourself then pass it to ten of your favorite followers ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)

Oh yes, i am finally doing this. 

1. I have brown eyes

2. I live in Latvia

3. I have a master’s degree in economics

4. I usually work around 12 hours a day

5. My favorite colours are blue, pink and yellow 

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Autumn in NYC

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Film Lover Challenge a.k.a. Couch Potato Challenge

The Film Lover Challenge a.k.a. Couch Potato Challenge. List 10 movies that you love as fast as you can! Then tag 5 humans. Non-humans are okay too.

I was tagged by  (thanks! x) 

1. White Palace

2. Frankie and Johnny 

3. The Blind Side

4. Bridesmaids

5. Miss Congeniality

6. The Proposal

7. Cold Mountain

8. Brokeback Mountain

9. Keeping Mum

10. The King’s speech 

3 of them are Sandra’s movies, oh well… sorry not sorry 

I am tagging: filthycurtainsaryousavvy, varmiga

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Best scene ever

fuck man

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… These kids will rule the world.


I need these children

When the blind lead the blind, get out the way. #profound

Some of these would look so good on t-shirts

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Natalie Dormer on the TVGuide Yacht at Comic Con (2014) [x]

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